Stars of the show

The Mermettes

Seraphini, Avalon and Coralynne make up The Mermettes, the most happening singing trio under the deep blue sea!



Seraphini is the leader of the group but always listens to what the other Mermettes had to say.



Avalon is Seraphini’s sister and has a big, beautiful singing voice!



Coralynne is the youngest of the Mermettes and a little bit mischevious – but she always wanted the Mermettes to do great!

Griselda the Guppy

Griselda the Guppy is a jealous fish who has wish – she wants very much to be a Mermaid like the ones in the Mermettes – but she doesn’t have the tail!

Griselda’s Guppies

This little group of Guppies does whatever Griselda says… but together, they can make good things happen!